Given the skill set students of agroecology develop, they will make excellent consultants in the future. To give them experience in providing suggestions to agricultural professionals, we organise Student Lead Problem Solving sessions.

These sessions involve a guest providing some basic information about a problem they face, then joining a live discussion via video conferencing to talk through possible solutions. In total, such a session should take around 2 hours in total (1 hour preparation and 1 hour of live discussion). The only cost to the professional for these sessions should be time and some internet data.

An overview of the process:

  1. initial contact is made between the guest and the Network, including discussion of the administrative aspects of the session.
  2. the guest completes a short description of their system and their problem.
  3. the Network thinks about it for a few days.
  4. the guest and the Network sit down together (over video link-up) and talk about the issue. The guest might start this live discussion with further information, and the Network might ask more questions, then hopefully some possible solutions come forward.
  5. the guest might turn the session on it’s head and ask the Network about agroecology.
  6. the guest might continue the discussion on Basecamp, or take up the discussion outside of the Network.


PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are not a substitute for professional advise and any participant in one of these sessions should undertake further consultation with a professional advisor or undertake their own further research.

Within these bounds, we the members of the International Agroecology Learning Network, endeavour to;
– maintain a professional environment, with a high level of consideration given to comments made.
– maintain confidentiality within the Network.
– be true to the values we hold: it should be remembered that the comments given are by members of a network that looks to promote the ideals of Agroecology and therefore it is likely that comments will focus on the associated ideals.

Please contact us to participate in a Problem Solving session.