Welcome to the organizing website for the student-alumni projects started by SLU and NMBU!

A few of us have started a process by asking how we can come together to get connected with more relevant jobs. First, we initiated the process with a workshop at SLU for Agroecology Day 2019 that we called “Hire an Agroecologist”. We followed up on this workshop with a second one at NMBU on the 31st of May Friday. 

We typed up the outputs of these two workshops and saw that there are some similar ideas emerging from both workshops.

What the group identified as needs to be done: Both workshops want to better define and promote who we are as agroecologists, possibly creating a social media campaign, videos, and coordinating this with new networking events with local organizations and businesses. We also discussed the need to strengthen our exposure to the other fields which touch agroecology, both to make ourselves more relevant and to bring our unique food and farm systems knowledge to more work opportunities. These projects need leaders and planning!! For Summer 2019 we have a monthly Skype call, and hope this will pick up in August.

What we are doing at the moment: One very urgent action item that emerged from the workshop at NMBU was to produce a student handbook in time for incoming students in August 2019. We imagined this student handbook as an instrument to help you navigate through this intense and long Action Learning semester and establish the interrelations between the concepts, tools and methods that are introduced to you throughout to make the most out of this course.

Currently active project – Student handbook:

Go to the official Handbook Website, where the final version will live and evolve. Add comments to any page, and it will be incorporated.

To get involved with making edits, contact one of the current authors to get in the email/chat stream, and see to the handbook Google folder (where you can find the Google Doc draft)

>> I want to stay updated!

Updates and events are posted on the Nordic Agroecologists facebook group for now (because we don’t have a facebook group just for this project)

To follow all our meetings so far, see our Google folder, which contains:


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