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The course relies on the student’s judgement about his or her advancement, and some peer-assessment in group work. Every student experiences a different journey throughout the semester, because of how varied their interests, experiences and educational backgrounds are. There is no right or wrong way to make use of this semester. There is your way. Therefore, the learnings that will emerge during this semester are likely to be the ones that you find relevant, interesting and necessary to learn and to use in practical life. 

When you identify your knowledge gaps during the field-work or writing of the documents, then you can reach out to those that can help you narrow that gap, or build on the second and third semesters to address those gaps. Feedback on your case reports or guidance throughout the process will be minimal, and you may not know if the direction you have chosen is the right one. You may need to take the initiative to approach the teachers and be proactive to voice the learnings you are looking forward to grab. You can arrange a guest lecturer, or organise workshops and learn from your peers. 

There is just one comforting thing that we can say: Trust in the process.  And remember that the best solution may change again!

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