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Why you should read this handbook?

This handbook is for you who are not (yet) familiar with the agroecology approach at NMBU (and SLU), and are eagerly seeking in-depth knowledge and skills to drive change in food and farming systems, and beyond. You want to make the most of this educational opportunity and create your pathway. It is even meant for you outside the program who studies agroecology, and wants a peek into our approach. This handbook is for everyone.  

What is this handbook?

This document is a prototype of what we believe Agroecology students need before starting their first semester, and what comes after.  It is dynamic and in constant remaking because we hope every year students will edit the handbook, so it evolves based on the contents of the course and experiences that are linked to them.  

The first two chapters are about the first semester at NMBU, PAE302: Action Learning in Farm and Food Systems. The concepts, tools and methods that will be introduced in the course – you will work with these to incorporate them in a way that makes sense to you. The handbook is also a place to share our reflections on how we relate our agroecology education to our current work.

There are more chapters online ( which cover later semesters, exchange, special projects, resources and getting into your career.  We will also illustrate how to mobilise the university resources now at your disposal to construct the most fulfilling experience.

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