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Agroecology organizations


A workshop titled “Agroecological networks: Defining opportunities for youth empowerment and international collaboration” has been submitted by AEEUYN and accepted by the commission. It’ll take place during the Forum on SATURDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2019

More special-interest facebook groups

  • Master’s students at SUM, UiO – not related to agroecology program, but has a lot of interesting activity. “The Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) is a vibrant international research institution at the University of Oslo which promotes scholarly work on the challenges and dilemmas posed by sustainable development.”
  • Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture – discussions about agroforestry, lots of practical tips
  • Jordkarbon – erfaringer og diskusjon (in Norwegian) – discussions about science and agronomy related to soil carbon
  • Bioneers – news service about design with nature, with discussion on facebook. Also has an annual conference.


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