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About the authors of this living document

This handbook is an ongoing project led by the Student Handbook Collective.
It is participatory and inclusive so everyone’s ideas and contributions are welcome!

It is written by: people involved with the course – previous agroecology students (from NMBU and SLU), fellow students in related programs who also work with agroecology, and with insights from members of the program.

However, it is influenced by many more: two workshops were held at SLU in May and NMBU in June 2019 with current and former students, to address how we support each other in the student-to-career pathway.  The text also reflects conversations over the years between former and current students. The handbook is only as valid as it is continually built and re-written – this is the first edition.

Maybe you are an author! First, ask for the login username / password from a current author. Then you can add comments to any page, and it will be incorporated into future versions. Or, ask for the editing guide to make changes directly to the handbook pages.

Contributing authors of the 2019 Edition


Idil Akdos – MSc Agroecology graduate 2019

Erin Byers – MSc Agroecology graduate 2016

Tony Martel – MSc International Relations graduate 2019

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