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AGEC Principles of Ecology, 3 creditsJan-Apr
Elements of Biochemistry 1, 3 credits
AGEC Agroecology, 3 credits Jan-Apr
AGEC Project in Agroecology, 6 credits Jan-Apr
Genetics, 3 credits
Animal Production, 3 credits
Crop Production, 3 credits
Community Ecology, 3 credit
Introduction to Environmental Economics, 3 credits
Soils and Landscapes in our Environment, 3 credits
AGEC Applications in Agroecology
ANSC 4410 Grassland agriculture: plant, animal and environment 
ENTM 4520 Physiological ecology of insects
PLNT 3540 Weed science
PLNT 3560 Organic crop production on the Prairies
SOIL 4400 Soil ecology
Urban Agriculture
Organic Crop Production
Natural Resources and Primary Agricultural Production
Biological Diversity and Interactions


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